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Platform: PC/Mac & VR


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Garden is a unique sensory experience that evokes awe, discovery and creative world-building through a stunningly realised responsive musical environment. Mesmerising organic visuals and elegant gameplay encourage the discovery, collection and planting of luminous seeds found on empty alien worlds. As you nurture and sustain your plants, there is a dawning realisation that you are making music as you grow your garden.



Garden is a calm, peaceful and beautiful place to be. It gives players a choice about how they engage by combining immersive atmospheric experience with deep strategic gameplay and exploration. The game is not about winning, but achieving a mindful balance with your garden and the ecosystem: 

  • Choose to just visit your garden; watching it grow and interact with itself, and listening to the music it makes.

  • Or tend to it, alter it, change it- remix it!

  • Or explore beyond your garden, discovering resources and new life forms to help you and your garden grow



The player grows gardens that sing. Each plant is an instrument- a living creature with its own visual and musical character. Seedlings quietly pulse, becoming stronger as the plant grows. The garden becomes a unique and delightful synchronised symphony composed by the player and their plants; an expansive, peaceful ambient soundtrack developing as the garden grows.



Garden's extraordinary organic visual style is given life through fluid, natural movement at scale. It is beautifully simple, alien, architectural, natural. 



It is about the balance life and death/ light and dark/ sound and silence You grow singing plants on an alien world, bringing light and music to the darkness. Each plant is an instrument, every world is a song. Discover, uncover and build your own narrative through exploration of the alien landscapes, creatures and sounds. 



In Garden, plants are the characters and the instruments. Each plant discovered has its own sound, appearance, behaviours and requirements. The variety of plants benefit the ecosystem, environment, player and score in different ways leading to deep, complex gameplay.

Plants also attract other life forms...



Create and sustain life by growing a singing garden on an alien world. Find, collect, plant and nurture bizarre and beautiful alien plants to create a unique, sustainable ecosystem.
Watch and listen to it grow.  

FIND    /      COLLECT     /     GROW

NURTURE    /     TUNE     /   SHARE


Biome Collective is a diverse, inclusive melting pot of technology, art and culture for people who want to create, collaborate and explore games, digital art and technology. The Dundee-based studio and co-working space is the first of its kind in Scotland. Past projects include the BAFTA Scotland nominated Killbox, an online game and interactive installation that critically explores the nature of drone warfare, its complexities and consequences. Killbox was an official selection at AMAZE 2016 Berlin and South Africa, selected at IndieCade @ e3 and features in the Goethe Institute Politics and Games world tour exhibition.





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