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A unique, peaceful and musical Virtual Reality game. 

Garden brings the player into a world where they grow and tend to a garden of singing alien plants in stunning time lapse.

Garden provides a mindful experience that explores sustainability and creativity through gardening and tending to a soundscape of beautiful, musical, plants.

Make something beautiful.



Biome Collective is a diverse, inclusive melting pot of technology, art and culture for people who want to create, collaborate and explore games, digital art and technology. The Dundee-based studio and co-working space is the first of its kind in Scotland. It provides access to space and support for professionals, organisations and graduates working in the interactive digital sphere. Biome Collective is made up of an ever-expanding range of disciplines from design and art to business and technology. It is creating a culture of collaboration beyond the traditional game sector by fostering local and international relationships and creating original and unique work.


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